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As a single working mom and fiercely independent woman, this may be the only time you'll hear me utter these words: "FOLKS! I NEED YOUR HELP!!" But I'll try to get better at it as we go along.

I do need your support! What does that look like?  Well, there are so many ways. Let me count some of them for you!

  1. Do you live in Johnson County and want to go door knocking in your neighborhood with me this summer? 

  2. Do you NOT live in Johnson County and want to share my website and social media with your friends and family who do? Please, be my guest!

  3. Do you have connections and networks that you think I should be introduced to? Please drop me a line or help me set something up. I kind of turned into a bit of a hermit during Covid-19, and I need to meet some new people, after all!

  4. Do you have a skill that you could donate to the cause? Are you an artist or a marketing professional who wants to lend me a hand with graphic design or fundraising?

  5. How about donations? Would you like to donate to the campaign? Because I sure could use that. My goal is to run a low-waste campaign and use only sustainable materials to the highest extent possible. That'll cost some bucks. I'll make it easy and put a button and QR code right here...

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