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Not only am I passionate about protecting our planet's natural resources, I do it for a living. As an environmental scientist with a 20-year career in environmental management and sustainability, locally and internationally, I will bring an important perspective and skill set to the WaterOne Board.

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It's simple: clean and safe water for everyone, regardless of location, type of water system, or income level. Access to clean, safe, drinking water is a basic human right.


I'm committed to ensuring all pillars of sustainability are valued and represented in strategic decisions for the future of our water utility: Environmental, Social, Cultural and Economic.


I have lived and worked for over a decade in severely water-stressed regions of Africa, and understand the value of affordable, accessible water. I do not take it for granted.

high performance

I expect a safe, reliable, high quality water supply from my utility, and I want to help ensure we retain the current award-winning quality of water that Johnson County currently enjoys.

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