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Roll on, July!


It's been a crazy month so far. Here's just a selection of what's been going on, for some context!

  • I resigned from my job as Director of Sustainability at the salt mining and plant nutrition company that brought me back to the USA 6 years ago.

  • I resigned because I was offered an incredible opportunity (in the same role) with The Boston Beer Company, which I simply could not turn down. FYI, I'm still firmly planted here in Johnson County, just working remotely. I started this new journey last week and so far I LOVE IT! I have really found my happy place, employer-wise.

  • I took a week off between gigs to take my 12-year-old daughter to Yellowstone National Park. Who knows when my next vacation opportunity might arise (I haven't had one in over 2 years), so we needed to get on that, stat!

  • I played a LOT of music with my 2 bands, and booked a number of gigs for the remainder of summer which are really going to keep me hopping.

  • I attended a Celebration of Life for a dear family member who passed away last year but due to the pandemic we were not able to congregate. While this was a sad occasion by nature, I got to see more family members than I've seen in one place in over 5 years and it was a really sweet opportunity that I wouldn't have traded for the world.

I'm telling you all that to tell you this: It's time to rock n' roll with this campaign! I'm going to need help and donations. Yard signs have been ordered (these will be recycled and repurposed after the campaign). Post cards/mailers have been designed and ordered - see images below (I shelled out for 100% recycled card stock, which, I know would send most people over the edge when the price comparison was done, BUT THIS IS WHAT I'M DOING. I have perfected my stump speech (there's a 2-minute, a 5-minute and a 10-minute version, you know). I have made appointments to give talks. I have scheduled a fund raiser (featuring one of my bands) for August.


But driving the back roads of Yellowstone last week with my kiddo and getting back out into nature for the first time in ages was a great opportunity to question what I'm doing here and reiterate to myself that: I'm doing the right thing, for the right reason. I'm in all the way. Let's do this.

...and with that, please take a moment to have a look at some promo material that I have managed to put together in the past week. You'll be seeing more of this, I just need to pay for it all, so please consider donating to help me fund this campaign that I truly believe in, and hope you do too!

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