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How to FUN-draise (?)

Well it’s that time again, the kitty is dry and I’ve got a serious push to make before November 2! As I’ve written here before, asking for help (especially the monetary kind), is one of the hardest things about this campaign for me. However, thanks to the help of some key players on my team, I finally get to do some thing a lot more fun then making phone calls, buying campaign materials, and introducing myself to complete strangers!

We’ll be throwing a FUNdraiser on Aug 14 for our 3 “clean water candidates“, and we NEED BODIES! Do you have JoCo-voting friends and neighbors who would enjoy “something different“ on a Saturday evening? If so, please bring them along to this campaign fundraiser with a twist. What’s the twist? Well, my loud & lively band, of course!

Salient points:

- You come, you enjoy beverages and food and listen to music

- You'll also probably listen to me give a speech (so will my other "running mates", Kay and Jeffrey, who also stand for the same values and priorities that I am. Environment, Health and Justice)

- You'll feel the SPIRIT OF ROCK N ROLL coursing through your veins

- You'll have the opportunity to donate to these VERY important campaigns

- You'll meet great people

- You'll be home early.

Please join us!

(...and if you can't, a reminder that your much-appreciated donation can be made in your stead by clicking the "Donation" link on my home page, or here)

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